What if you could build a body that you could be proud of? Love the way you look in the mirror, and be able to perform mentally and physically better than ever?

What if you could achieve this all by putting in LESS effort than before?

Discover the step-by-step system that takes you from low confidence and confused to becoming the person you’ve always dreamed of.

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The FitTalkers

We’re The FitTalkers - online fitness, nutrition, and life coaches, and creators of the world’s first evidence-based, all-in-one content library, group coaching initiative, and online fitness support system. 

The FitTalkers Vault was designed for beginners in fitness who want reliable, accurate, and trustworthy health education from industry experts without the misleading BS of shady influencers.

The FitTalkers Vault is the all-in-one content library and group coaching that’ll help you get and stay lean, build muscle, gain accurate science-based nutrition and exercise knowledge, and much more. 

This is not your usual "fitness basics" course…

This is your ticket to quick education and sustainable change all in one place.

In this community, you’ll find:

- The exact blueprint you need to build your dream physique realistically, sustainably, and without starving or doing hours of cardio 

- How to gain the confidence to look in the mirror and love the body and the person you see

- Over 50 years and $300K+ worth of combined personal training, nutrition, and mindset coaching experience and education between all the FitTalkers


If that's not enough, we also added:


- The best science-based strategies you can use to build your own workouts (taught by certified personal trainers, bodybuilders, and powerlifting coaches)

- How to write your own diet plans to fit your lifestyle (created by registered dietitians)

- An exclusive content library updated monthly to help you understand diet scams and stay current on the newest ones you could be targeted by.

- Early access to our social media content (and a chance to tell us EXACTLY what content you want from us!)


Best of all, you also get:


- Weekly LIVE group coaching calls led by a different FitTalker each week

- Periodic live trainings from expert guest speakers  

- Exclusive private community for accountability, QA, content and communication.

- Meal planning tips and hacks

- Dietitian-approved nutrition strategies for fat loss, muscle gain, physical performance, etc.

- Support from a growing community of people just like YOU

And so much more...

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We always believed we could achieve all our fitness goals... 


Ok, that’s a lie. 


We had absolutely NO idea what we were doing when we were first starting out and we all struggled for YEARS.

We tried fad diets, diet pills, detoxes, mystery potions recommended by influencers,  starving, random supplements, and even some questionably legal substances...


We’ve experimented with just about everything and suffered through it so you don’t have to.


We’ve also spent over $300K collectively on our 50+ years of cumulative experience in the health and fitness industry so you can discover exactly what you need to know without running off to try the next quick fix.


We’re offering you a chance to break that cycle of “trying” things and failing. You won’t fail with us.


We’re not here to take your money and run. We could definitely use your money, don’t get us wrong…

But making a positive and lasting impact on your life is what we’re really after.


Otherwise, we’d be peddling waist trainers and skinny teas with the other common influencers!


We also have integrity and a little thing called COMMON SENSE.


We know a rat when we see one, and we’re just as tired of uneducated influencers as you are.


Which is why we created The FitTalkers.


It’s not your fault you’ve fallen into the trap of trusting seemingly knowledgeable people who look the part. 


We’ve all done it.

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You’ve put in the work and haven’t gotten the results because they steered you wrong.


You thought you’d been doing everything right:


- Eating healthy and avoiding “bad” foods

- Following the “best” workout 

- Trying influencer-recommended “hacks” like intermittent fasting or keto

- Taking the “perfect” supplements

- Doing daily cardio

- Trying “magic” solutions like apple cider vinegar


And to no avail…


Well, you tried your best!

And that’s all you can really do.


We used to be there too.


Literally every day would be a constant struggle of either falling back into our old ways or being so “perfect” that we hated our lives and questioned whether or not there would be a day when we could simply just ENJOY life without the burden of dieting.


No one wants to be a slave to diet and exercise. 


The world has SO much to offer us and avoiding certain foods and spending 3 hours a day inside bouncing from machine to machine just ain’t it!

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We’ve all been at a point where we didn’t even want to go to bed at night because we knew what boring, pointless, and unfulfilling activities lay ahead the next morning:


  1. Weigh yourself
  2. Groan and pinch your fat in the mirror
  3. Take pointless supplement and make boring breakfast
  4. Work out hard and follow disorganized, unenjoyable workout
  5. Have a protein shake 
  6. Snack 
  7. Eat boring lunch
  8. Snack
  9. Snack
  10. Have boring dinner after all the snacking
  11. Snack
  12. Swear you’ll do better the next day 
  13. Bed


What a life!


This is not the life we wanted to live, so we luckily made our mistakes while we were young, got educated, and put our skills into practice.


You unfortunately don’t have the time or luxury of making mistakes and using trial-and-error to guide you through your fitness journey at this point in your life.

Or maybe you do, but you’re tired of running around in circles.


You want to wake up in the morning knowing that your efforts won’t ultimately amount to nothing. You want to know EXACTLY what you should be doing, when to do it, and WHY.

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Not only is it a waste of time following random programs and asking 10+ different influencers for advice, it takes you further and further away from your goals.


Sure, it’ll get you some quick results. But is it really worth all the yo-yoing and spinning your wheels?


We can answer that for you.


No. It's not worth it.


Don't make the same mistakes we did before we spent hundreds of thousands of dollars and hours learning how to do things the right way.


Let us pass our knowledge and expertise down to you.


Let us save you all the time and money that we wasted.

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You'll get:

  • Live coaching calls every single week to answer any question you could possibly have, and get advice from our top coaches who charge into the hundreds to be consulted and thousands to coach. (valued at $1,990/month)


  • Replays of every coaching call we've ever done and ever will do so you never have to worry about missing a chance for coaching. (valued at $349/month) 


  • A library of master classes curated just for you on topics related to fitness, nutrition, and mindset. (valued at $199/month)


  • And a supportive community forum with access to us. (valued at $97/month)


The entire FitTalkers Vault is valued at $2,635/month; which is more than one of us would charge per month for our 1-on-1 coaching!

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  • Master Classes on fitness, nutrition, and mindset
  • An exclusive community to find support & inspiration
  • The ability to request content on any topic you want
  • Low monthly payments; cancel any time
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